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Compare to the only read, doing stuff along with reading makes it more engaging and memorable.

Learning by doing is a kind of personal experience; making yourself execute programs while learning new things and engaging with steps helps you understand things easily.

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A portfolio plays an important role when it comes to showcasing your programming skills. The portfolio reflects the projects you have done in your field of interest and programming. Also, a portfolio not only showcases how clean your code is and how well documented your projects are. A good portfolio always stands out.

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Why Python?


Fun and easy to learn

Python language is exceptionally easy to learn from beginners programmers because it is easy to remember and has no complex syntax.


Similar syntax to the English

Python was explicitly designed in such a way that it can be a highly readable programming language. Python syntax is designed based on English which makes it much easier to code.


Works on different platforms

Python is an interpreted programming language that can work on almost all operating systems and works on different platforms.


It runs on an interpreter system

Unlike other compiling programming languages, Python runs on an interpreter system that code does not convert your program into an object code or machine code; it works on an interpreted system directly.


High salary

As good python developers are very high in demand, the python developer who works in Django and Data science gets a high salary.


Python is blessed with a large community

One of the vital point that Python is very famous, and it’s in high demand is that Python is blessed with a vast and very helpful community which is doing wonders in the python world.

Answers to Your Questions

Is it easy to learn Python?

Yes, Python is very easy to learn because its syntax is like the English language.

Can I get a job if I learn Python here?

Python is in very high demand by companies. If you learn intermittent Python, you will get a python job.

Can I learn Python on my own?

Yes, you can learn Python on your own because it is very easy to understand and can be learned in 30 days.

Why is Python popular?

There are many reasons why Python is very popular; one of them is its excellent libraries, which will boost your productivity.

Which company uses Python?

Top companies like Google, Facebook, NASA, Netflix, and Dropbox are using Python.

What can I use Python for?

You can use Python for many things like Desktop software development, Automation, Big Data, and many other great items.