How to Replace Space with Underscore in Python

Replace Space with Underscore in Python

In this tutorial, we will explore various ways to replace spaces with underscore using Python programming. Method 1 –  Replace space with underscore in Python using the replace() method. Here we will use the python replace() method that comes pre-built with python programming and is used to minupliute python string. Step 1:  First we will … Read more

What is Langchain and its Uses in Python

In this blog, we will learn what the Langchain framework is and how it is used to develop LLM applications. This framework enables the addition of ChatGPT with memory and ChatGPT long-term memory, along with prompts. Let understand what langchain is and what are langchain features and uses What is LangChain? LangChain is a python … Read more

How to Control a Keyboard Using Python

control keyboard using python

To control keyboard using python there is a library in python named as PyAutoGUI. Let’s check out how to actually control keyboard. Environment Setup to Control Keyboard Using Python Let’s get started by setting up the virtual environment, as it is always less easy to handle python projects. Here we are will use the python … Read more

How to Extract Chrome Password in Python

extract chrome password using python header image

If you want to know how to extract Chrome Password in Python then read this article till end. I shared different methods to extract password using python. Google Chrome, one of the most popular and secure web browsers, stores passwords securely in its database, ensuring easy access for users. However, as a Python programming expert, … Read more

How to make a Reddit bot with Python

How to make a Reddit bot with Python

In this blog, we will learn about developing a Reddit bot with Python that is useful for many tasks and that can be very much useful in many ways. Introduction to Reddit bot with Python The world of social media can be overwhelming, with thousands of posts, comments, and discussions happening every minute. As a … Read more

ChatGPT in Python: A Beginner’s Guide

chatgpt in python

In the blog, we will have a complete view of openai chatgpt, the most well know multilingual AI in the market. We will also learn about its use cases and how to use chatgpt in python. Introduction to ChatGPT In the realm of Natural Language Processing (NLP), ChatGPT has emerged as a remarkable development, pushing … Read more

How to Generate QR Code Using Python

QR code using python featured image

In this blog, we will learn how to use QR code using Python and many of its use cases. We will also learn how to generate QR code using python and decode it. So let’s start learning it step by step. Introduction to QR Code using Python The output will be as follow. QR codes … Read more

How to Extract Text from Image with Python OCR: A Guide

text written how to extracting text from image with python ocr a step by step guide

In the article, we will learn how to extract text from image using Python OCR and about this fantastic technology. Python OCR comes with many libraries to extract the texts from different types of images and documents. In this python ocr tutorial, we will see a step-by-step guide to using them. Let’s first understand the … Read more