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Frequently Asked Questions

Queries you get when you wish to submit your projects and knowledge.

Will I get paid for submitting my work?

No, You will not get paid for submitting your projects, but you will get wonderful experiences by working with us.

Can I get credit for my project?

Yes, no one can take credit for your work. We will give credit if we publish your project.

What I get if I submit my project?

You will get a chance to showcase your skills to our audience and recognition from pythonscholar.com

What kind of projects i can submit?

You can submit projects build on python programming, which can be related to Web development, data science, IoT, or any other respected field.

It is safe to share project with Pythonscholar?

Yes, it is 100% safe to share your code with Pythonscholar, we don’t misuse or commercialize your hard work. we only use it for educating our audience.

How to long Pythonscholar will take to responded?

It mainly depends on your projects, how well you have documented your project, and also it depends on the number of project submissions.