About Us


We are on the mission to skill up new technology by making programming fun, easy and interactive.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the philosophy that education is everyone’s right. That is why we are here to provides world-class python resources that are well structured and suitable for beginners making their hands dirty for the first time and the experts who want to upgrade their skill by learning new technology dedicated to the python field.


Our Core Team

Khushal Jethava


Ankur Purecha


Robin Metha


Our Mission

To Help People Learn Python Programming

Our goal is to create the best possible curriculum that is more suitable for self-learning; Python Scholar is on a mission to make coding easier and more enjoyable. We have divided each field in which we can use python for better productivity. Our researched-based learning path will help us become a self-taught Python developer, with a powerful combination of learning paths and various projects in fields like machine learning, web development, Robotics, Space research, and many more.

We at PythonScholar have designed the curriculum based on the current and future technology through real-world projects that are beautifully explained to learn how to apply these skills to real-world problems.