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Compare to the only read, doing stuff along with reading makes it more engaging and memorable.

Learning by doing is a kind of personal experience; making yourself execute programs while learning new things and engaging with steps helps you understand things easily.

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A portfolio plays an important role when it comes to showcasing your programming skills. The portfolio reflects the projects you have done in your field of interest and programming. Also, a portfolio not only showcases how clean your code is and how well documented your projects are. A good portfolio always stands out.

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Python Programming
Learning basic Python is a great way to start programming. With its simple syntax and powerful capabilities, Python is a popular choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Python References
Python references are pointers to memory locations that allow variables to refer to the same object. Understanding how references work is crucial for effective Python programming.

Python Projects
Python projects offer a practical way to learn and apply Python programming concepts. From web development to data analysis, Python’s versatility makes it a popular language for many projects.